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Consulting Agency

Based in Denver, caring across the country. 

Our Core Purpose

To make each resident feel cared for everyday

Our Services

Clinical Consulting

Peaks Healthcare Consulting offers unparalleled expertise in clinical consulting for skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. Our seasoned team provides tailored solutions to enhance clinical operations, improve patient care outcomes, and ensure regulatory compliance. With a focus on best practices and evidence-based strategies, we empower facilities to deliver exceptional clinical care while optimizing efficiency and productivity.

Financial Consulting

At Peaks Healthcare Consulting, we specialize in providing expert guidance on the financial aspects of operating skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. From budgeting and financial forecasting to revenue optimization strategies, our team offers comprehensive solutions to help facilities achieve financial stability and growth. With our proven track record of success, we empower operators to make informed decisions and maximize their financial performance.

Billing Consulting

Peaks Healthcare Consulting excels in billing consulting for skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. Leveraging our extensive industry knowledge and experience, we streamline billing processes, maximize revenue capture, and minimize compliance risks. Our customized solutions are designed to enhance financial performance and ensure accurate reimbursement, empowering facilities to thrive in today's complex healthcare landscape.

Transaction Support

Peaks Healthcare Consulting offers expert transaction support services tailored to the unique needs of skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. With our strategic guidance and meticulous attention to detail, we facilitate seamless transactions, from acquisitions to mergers and divestitures. Our comprehensive approach and industry insights enable us to navigate complex deals effectively, empowering clients to achieve their growth objectives with confidence.

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